Early morning meditations, yoga class including pranayama,
coastal walks with silent cliff top sittings,plus evening meditations and meals out at local venues. (All optional)

Price to be confirmed (Will be affordable for all).

Call or email me now to reserve your space in the beautiful
setting that is Boswedden House.
Lovely rooms in guest house or camping

Nearest station Penzance



Relaxation in Dorset:the countryside,the fresh air,the morning birdsong

Twice daily yoga practice,asanas pranayam(simple breathing exercises) and lots of lovely relaxation.

A warm,supportive atmosphere in a friendly venue.
A little dancing,some sitting meditation(all optional),time to chill,walk and enjoy nature.

Yoga Nidhra: 'You' time,let the body slow down,the mind quieten and the heart and soul delight in the here and now.

Celebrate who you are -chilled and blissed.

These weekends work!